Holy moly! We’re absolutely over the moon. Even being a small start-up company we are utterly proud of all of you who contributed and helped us raised this sum for Ukraine.

During these two weeks we have received such positive reactions from all corners of the world. All your positive feed-back and encouragements truly warmed our hearts.

Our campaign raised € 2.746,- and will go to the UNICEF Aid for Ukraine. By donating the money to UNICEF the the Swedish organization, the Akelius Foundation doubles the money. The total sum going to UNICEF Aid for Ukraine is therefore EUR 5.492,00.

Our thanks go to all of you who contributed by ordering a Twizzter (some of you ordered two!) during our campaign. We cannot thank you enough!!!! All our love!!!!

J.B., Canada
C. Clausen, Denmark
M. Pettersson, Sweden
M-J Rikers, The Netherlands
A. Archer, US
I. Landuyt, Belgium
S. Carvalho, US
V. Behrendorff, Australia
J. Norris, UK
A. Pickles, UK
T. Hamblin, US
S. Kennedy, US
A. Smith, Norway
E. Ekdahl, Sweden
P. Julou, UK
M. Gardner, UK
R. Olsen, US
J. Flanigan, US
K. Striegler, Germany
A. Dudek, US
L. Miller, US
S. Verlinden, Belgium
R. Klaysner, France
N. Rombout, Netherlands
S. Fries, Germany
S. Traynor, Portugal
A. Cox, US
M. Billam, Canada
A. McMillan, New Zealand
S. Davies, Australia
H. IJdens, The Netherlands
M. Barbeault, Canada
M. Boden, US
J. Brouwer, The Netherlands
C. Brandon, UK
L. Smith, UK
A. Scragg, UK
S. Riddle, US
K. Cada, US
A. Steevensz, Canada
A. Wood, US
P. Sotelo Pose, Spain
A. Osborn, UK
S. Raynal, US
S. Boersma, Canada
S. Stenlund, Sweden
L. McGuire, US
B. Vogt, Canada
H. Grant, Canada
V. Ostergaard, Australia
A. Huber, Austria
J. Nixon, Canada
A. Sauve, Canada
M. Frederick, Canada
L. Carkin, US
E. Oliana, Canada
E. Kearney, US
C. Prange, Germany
M. Smith-Tamaray, Australia
K. Begemann, Germany
S. Stasch, Germany
I. Zanier, Germany
N. Griffioen, The Netherlands
D. Lawson, US
D. Pfarr, US
T. Martin, US