Far away and yet so close

It really never stops to amaze me that, thanks to the use of internet and social media, the world has become such a small and intimate place.

In 2021 we – myself, my brother Gunnar and my sister Christina – started this journey with Twizzter because we thought it was going to be good and fun to do something together, now that we almost were getting into retirement age.

Covid was raging and we had more time on our hands. And sitting still was never something we were ever very good at.

As you get older, life tends to drag you into different directions, away from family and old friends.

Through the passing of time – days dissipating into months and years – you find yourself more and more separated from your ‘old’ life. Birthday gatherings, Christmas dinners, weddings and funerals often become the only crossroads where old ties pull you back in time from your present life and woes. But these are only shorts moments, small golden nuggets in the expanse of our ordinary life.

The decision to give Twizzter a go has made such a big impact on our lives. In a permanent way.

It tied so many loose ends together in our family: myself, having lived in The Netherlands for more than 30 years, my brother Gunnar, old military chap with a passion for fishing and the Swedish costal nature and my little sister Christina, a military nurse. Each one of us with a separate life, obligations, families and friends.

It was like our father’s idea brought us back to our youth when we depended on each other and when we were, yet again, the son and daughters of Olle and Maria, walking in their footsteps, having fun together.

It really strengthened the bond between us, even if Gunnar after some time decided to focus on his own company dedicated to fishing tourism (he still remains a backbone to us when we need advice or just need to talk about things).

But not only that. It brought so many people closer to us. In a way we could not ever have imagined.

Yarn-lovers from every corner of the world found their way to us, sending us pictures, leaving us messages, smilies and hearts. The generosity, the friendship and solidarity within the yarn creation community was overwhelming. It really felt like diving into soft, warm waters that enveloped us.

I mean, even when we still couldn’t cover our costs in the company, it felt like a total win.

To have gotten to know so many positive people from so many different places is truly a privilege. The decision to launch daddy’s little hanger has brought us so much good. For this we are truly grateful.

We just know that daddy knows, even if he isn’t here with us any longer.

Thanks daddy for making this possible. And thanks, mum, for giving us the genes to carry this venture through.

And a big thanks to all of you out there, who are making our journey with our little invention, such an amazing experience. Thank you for your generosity and warm-heartedness.