We are all aware of the terrible war raging in Ukraine. Out of frustration and will to do something, we at Twizzter decided to start a campaign ‘Twizzter for Ukraine’ where all sales revenues between 1-15th of March will be donated to the Red Cross.

Europe is a different place since February 24th when Russia invaded Ukraine. It reminds us of the atrocities of war but it also resulted in a unity that is unprecedented since World War 2. It is encouraging to see companies, private persons, goverments and organisations unite and do what they can to help Ukraine, from collecting medicine, food, clothing to offering shelter and a place to stay to refugees where families often have been torn apart by the war, toys for the children that have had to learn about bombs and death and fear.

With this campaign we hope to collect a good amount of money for the Red Cross as they are the only ones to (hopefully) get access to the war zone and to actively help the people in need there.

Help us help Ukraine, or join any other activity you feel you want to support. Or start your own campaign! :D

If we all contribute, in any way and amount we can, we can beat this evil.

Peace with you all!