We first came in contact with Aude when she ordered a Twizzter from us. She was our first client from Scotland and we were very enthusiastic about it.

Aude lives in Edinburgh with her husband and three cats Lily, Luna and Dr Watson. She makes exquisite, hand-embroidered project bags with absolutely gorgeous designs (often flowers and plants) which she sells on Etsy.  As everything is hand-made and hours and hours of work are put into her bags, there is not always one for sale (they are sold in a wink, so you have to be on the front-line if you want one!). Aude is also an avid knitter and crocheter.

She also has started a YouTube channel where she talks about her work. In her latest podcast she also presented our Twizzter, among other very interesting things.

So if you feel for a relaxing pod-cast in a friendly atmosphere, you should definitely check her channel up. She has just started, but is gaining momentum with her podcasts as we speak. Enjoy!

(click on logo for Aude’s Etsy-shop and on the YouTube-pix with link to her YouTube podcast)