It’s funny. Normally when you start a company, you begin locally and slowly work yourself geographically ‘outwards’, like cirkles expanding on the water when throwing a stone.

But for us it was a deep dive from the very start. Our initial intention last October was to tread easy, step-by-step, starting carefully in Scandinavia (where Christina, the younger Twizztersizzter lives) and in the Netherlands (where I, the older Twizztersizzter, live since I moved here more than 30 years’ ago).

But the knitting and crochet communities are so international. There seems to be no borders. That is truly amazing and so inspiring. Not only does it make the Earth a planet we all share and enjoy, without borders, but we’re also connecting with people as far away as in Australia and the US West Coast.

I wish you could see us, daddy. Your Twizzter-birds are heading to destinations all around the globe.

The speed in which knitters and crocheteers have found their way to us has taken us completely by surprise. Our first reaction was: ‘Will we handle it?’ But the thing is, a knitter further up the street isn’t much different from knitters in Alaska or Uruguay; creative, ‘hands-on’ people who enjoy colors, the feeling of soft yarn, who generously share experiences and projects with others, a heart-warming bunch.

It’s like coming home. It feels great to be part of this community and to be able to share our love for daddy’s invention while we’re also learning heaps from everyone. Personally, I hadn’t knit for many years and since picking it up I enjoy my spare time so much more. Less internet, less staring at the TV and more satisfaction watching my needles doing their thing, delivering fabrics of all kinds of textures and colors.

Originally I’m a horse person, enjoying the outdoors and riding. But this is really such a great combo: work, horses, knitting. It’s like combining colors into one beautiful work of art, making the pieces work as a whole.

Thank you, knitters of the world, for letting us have the ride of our lifetime!

/The Twizztersizzters