It hasn’t proved easy for us to find ways to get our message out as to what a Twizzter® is and what it does. It is so unique that many can’t wrap their head around it. And it is all our fault. We – the Twizztersizzters (meaning myself Patricia Ahlström and my younger sister Christina Ketikidou) – are awkward in new techniques, in how to create good content, make YouTube-films, write blogs etc.

It’s been (and still is) a huge learning process that we have to go through. Step-by-step we are finding our way, learning how to communicate over the internet, though we have SO much yet to learn. Younger people are internet-savvy, but for us it is quite an issue. So please have patience with us. We’ll get better at it. ;)

You’re never too old to learn. So we decided to start our YouTube adventure with a Twizzter® skein-test and a Twizzterpinne tutorial. There are so many sizes and shapes of skeins out there and our Twizzter® does fit almost all of them. And when they don’t, you can always re-wind the yarn on a Twizzterpinne to get the perfect fit.

So we decided that we wanted to do a stress-test. For what good is it to have a Twizzter® if you can’t use it for your yarn? So we went ahead with our decision and stumbled over technical difficulties all along the way. But finally we did produce something that we hope is worthwhile showing. At least now we know a tiny little bit about footage-making, music, voice-over, stickers, links, lighting etc etc.

We’re still no professionals (far from it), but we are proud that we at least have come up with our own YouTube channel.

So may we present our YouTube channel (ta-daaa!) with our first few films. Please don’t be too critical of the content and execution. But should you have constructive ideas on what you would like to see, suggestions and criticism (not too harsh, please) then please let us know! We’re here for you.

Lots of yarn-hugs from the TwizzterSizzters. :D

Twizzter YouTube channel