Mr. Knitbear is a prolific crocheteer from Belgium. He and his co-author Dendennis have written some great books about crochet, with humour, creativity and a male twist.

We are thrilled that Mr.  Knitbear (actual name Wim VanderEyken) has been so enthousiastic about our Twizzter. He called our Twizzter (registered trademark and patent pending) ‘revolutionary’. It doesn’t get any better than this.

For the Christmas sales Mr. Knitbear will help us promote Twizzter and we’re so happy. If you order a Twizzter, indicating Mr. Knitbear in your coupon when ordering, you get a 10% reduction of the price.

Great Christmas gift for yourself or somebody you love. A present for the rest of your life. Merry Christmas!!!!! And greetings from Mr. Knitbear. :D