We just love Norway! That Inga Skeie is living in the midst of this grand and splendid Norwegian scenery is something we are truly envious of.

Inga is a nature lover through and through. Her knitting is second to none and her episodes of her Knitting Tradidions Podcast on YouTube are very popular! Since she reviewed our Twizzter on her Podcast no. 37 we started – unexpectedly – to receive orders from the US. So there you go, the world is a small place. :)

The winter in Norway is overwhelmingly beautiful, but not good for your fingers when knitting outdoors, so Inga saves this for the warmer months of the year. That’s when the use of her Twizzter really will help her out a lot. Super lightweight and the best protector of your yarn when you’re knitting outdoors and/or on the move.

Please check out her generous podcast on YouTube. Enjoy!