It was a great fair! Our first ever so we were quite nervous on how it was going to work out. We had lots of interest and it was truly inspiring talking to all the people we met. Even if KreaDoe is a general DIY Fair with much more to offer than stuff for knitters and crocheteers, the reactions were so positive. Primarily we thought of mobile knitters as our main customer area, but we realized that there was a lot of interest from knitters in wheel-chairs and with mobility problems. Great to see that Twizzter really can help out also for them.
A thing we want to develop the coming year is a holder for our Twizzter so that it can hang freely from any point. Ideal for when you have a problem with your shoulders or arms and need frictionless, super easy supply of yarn without ever worrying about yarn getting stuck or rolling away from you.
Christina got into crochet with a bag and very thick yarn. It turned out beautifully! Next project is a teddybear to Alina, her grandchild. A lot of visitors got to see the little baby marvel on Christina’s mobile. A prouder granny than Christina is hard to find. :D
Talking to visitors we discovered that the knitting fair in february in Zwolle is very popular and really something we should focus on. So we’ve changed our plan to go to the Huishoudbeurs in Amsterdam and instead attend the Knitting Fair in Zwolle. We think it’ll be a much more suitable fair to attend to, as it is only for knitting, crochtet, felt and fabric.